SG[Spain] 2023 – Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain | November 18th 2023

Spain’s space sector is experiencing exciting transformations. This year is being marked by the establishment of the Spanish Space Agency, headquartered in Seville, the selection of the first Spanish astronaut since 1992, the readying of the first privately-developed Spanish launch vehicle, and the consolidation of companies covering the full range of space activities, among others. More information about SG[Spain] 2023 at

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SG[France] 2022 : Road to Newspace

What is the role of business in the future of the space sector and how can we foster space-related entrepreneurship ? SG[France] 2022 will take place in Strasbourg in the end of Spring 2022, if you are a student or young professional aged 18-35, do not miss this opportunity to meet and chat with renowned experts of the French and European space industry as well as with numerous young space enthusiasts !

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