Terraforming Ascension: The Legacy of a Victorian era Geo-engineering Project on the conception of Space Colonization and Space Conservation

The webinar will discuss the film TerraForma made by Kevin Brennan and Laurence Durkin and the lessons learned from the film's subjects on terraforming and landscape transformation. Science writer Oliver Morton and architect and writer Fred Scharmen who are both interviewed in the film will speak about their work in relation to the film's themes and subjects.

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Fast and Accurate Probability of Collision Toolkits for Near-Earth and Cislunar Applications

With increasing traffic in near-Earth and Cislunar space, it has become essential to develop fast and accurate methods of predicting collisions between space objects. This is an important topic of discussion in current Space Situational Awareness (SSA) domain research. Orbit determination methods provide users with a state and an uncertainty associated with an object in space. This tells the user where the spacecraft is and with what percent certainty. Because there are limited observation resources, it is essential to have the ability to propagate this information to desired times accurately. Generally, this is accomplished using numerical Monte Carlo methods, where a point cloud of millions of points is taken from the initial uncertainty and each of these points are propagated to the final time. This is highly accurate with a large number of points but adds to a high computational expense. To minimize this cost, we look for analytical and semi-analytical methods that are faster but can still reach good statistical accuracy. This seminar will focus on an introduction to SSA, collision prediction methods, and the semi-analytical toolkits developed to achieve fast and accurate collision probabilities. The target audience is students and young professionals interested in SSA research and tools.

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Space Tourism: A Closer Look on Safety Sustainability

Looking at a rocket launch, it is difficult not to be amazed by the scene of a huge machine shooting straight up into the sky, creating enormous smoke clouds around it. The astronauts on the rocket have trained for years for this moment and have a hectic few months of important scientific work awaiting them. However, with the rise of space tourism, some things have changed. These new space travelers do not receive much training and go to space mostly for their entertainment. While it is impressive that within a few decades, space flight has become so much more accessible, it also raises the question of whether we are prepared for a large space tourism economy, especially from a safety and sustainability standpoint.

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Interview with Nia Van Woggelum

In the middle of May, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nia van Woggelum for the first edition of our new interview series ‘Women in Space for Safety and Sustainability’. Nia has over twelve years of experience producing composite products and is currently working as the Manager of Operations at GTM Advanced Structures. We spoke about her career journey, aspects of safety and sustainability that she encounters in her work, as well as her experiences as a woman of color in her field.

NASA’s Take on Space Debris Mitigation

On 10 March 2023, NASA published a study into the costs and benefits of orbital debris remediation. NASA cited the importance of sustainability in space for future generations to use and explore the domain as one of the key factors in the decision to undertake this incredibly detailed study. 

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Update: US Guidance on Responsible Behaviour in Space

On March 3rd, 2023, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin released updated guidelines for safe and responsible space operations in a memo labelled "Tenets of Responsible Behaviour in Space." The memo covers five tenets, outlining specific behaviour applicable to military operations. 

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[SMLS/SSS] Space Health Risks Competition 2021

The Space Medicine and Life Sciences (SMLS) and Space Safety and Sustainability (SSS) project groups of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), alongside the University College London (UCL) Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR) Space Health Risks Research Group, are launching a short answer competition to recruit members to work alongside their research team.

SGAC Announces the Winner of the SSS Essay Competition

SGAC is pleased to announce Alexander Gilbert (USA) as the winner of the SSS Essay Competition 2019. Organized with the support of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the SGAC Space Safety and Sustainability (SSS) Project Group invited participants aged 18 to 35 from around the world to take part in this essay competition. The competition provided entrants with the opportunity to introduce new ideas on the topic of how humankind could expand into outer space and most importantly, in a safe and sustainable way.

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