SG[France]2021 – Call for posters showcase

More than a month ago, the SG[France]2021 organizing team launched a call for posters where they wanted you to show what Space means to you. The Posters have been displayed at the posters exhibition of SG[France]2021 on the 3rd of July during the event, and a winner has been selected!

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Announcement of the winners: SG[Egypt] x OGL call for artwork

Three winners have been selected for their contributions to the SG[Egypt] and Our Giant Leap artwork competition and presented their artwork on Saturday, July 10th 2021 during a live artwork showcase during SG[Egypt]2021. Discover the winning entries and join us in congratulating these space artists!

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The Space Generation Advisory Council was selected to receive $1 million from Blue Origin’s Club for the Future

Today, SGAC was selected to receive a $1 million grant from Blue Origin’s Club for the Future. This generous donation will allow us to: Kickstart our visionary endowment fund which will allow us to support long term growth for SGAC and sustainably provide more scholarships that enable access to international, regional, and local space events for our members Expand SGAC’s presence and impact in emerging space regions and countries to build closer relationships with regional partners to generate greater impact in local areas.  Update our infrastructure and governance to better support our members throughout the world.

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Announcement of the SGFF2021 UKSA Scholarship Winner

SGAC has partnered with the UK Space Agency to bring 1 student or young professional to attend the 9th Space Generation Fusion Forum (August 21–23, 2021) and the first day of the 36th Space Symposium (August 23) in Colorado Springs, USA.

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Announcement of the SGFF2021 SEDS USA Scholarship Winner

SGAC has partnered with SEDS USA to bring 1 student to attend the 9th Space Generation Fusion Forum (August 21 – 23) and the first day of the 36th Space Symposium (August 23) in Colorado Springs, USA. Congratulations to Simran Dhoju!

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Announcement of the 2021 Global Grants Winners

One of the ways in which SGAC empowers its young professional and student members is by facilitating access to the world’s major space conferences. The Global Grants Programme will bring five outstanding SGAC members to Colorado Springs to participate in the 9th Space Generation Fusion Forum (August 21–23, 2021) and the 36th Space Symposium   in Colorado Springs, USA.

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Announcement of the $pace is Business 2021 Competition Winner

SGAC is pleased to announce Simon Shuham as the winner of the 2021 $pace is Business ($iB) Competition! This competition, developed in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (EIC) of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), offered students and young professionals the opportunity to share their views and analysis on the past, present and future of entrepreneurship and investment within the space sector.

Results of Regional Coordinator Election in the European Region

SGAC held elections in May to elect the next Regional Coordinator (RC) in the European Region. We are happy to announce the selection of Eleonora Lombardi (Italy) as the new Regional Coordinator for Europe. Detailed election results and the profile of the applicant follows. Eleonora was the only candidate that ran for the election. The majority of the votes supported that candidacy and hence Eleonora has been elected as regional coordinator.

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