Regional Coordinator Election in the South American Region

The Space Generation Advisory Council is looking for an active young space leader from the South American region to become the next Regional Coordinator (RC) for this Region. This two-year role is a volunteer position that offers a chance to lead and be responsible for the voice of the next generation of young space leaders in the South American region, especially as activities and excitement in the region has expanded over the past years in the space sector, and at SGAC.

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Results of Regional Coordinator Election in the South America Region

SGAC held elections in December to elect the next Regional Coordinator (RC) in the South America Region. We are happy to announce the selection of Isi Casas Del Valle (Chile) as the new Regional Coordinator for South America.

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South American Regional Vacancies

SGAC is seeking ambitious, and highly motivated volunteers to join the South American Regional Team as Regional Managers. If you are an SGAC member from the South American region who is looking for an opportunity to become more involved in a role that offers challenging, rewarding, and professional skill-building experiences, then apply today!

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SA-SGW Call for hosting

Based on the success of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th South American Space Generation Workshop (SA-SGW), SGAC will organize the 5th South American Space Generation Workshop in 2019. We are celebrating the 5th year of the South American Workshop in 2019 and we are looking for the perfect place for this event.

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