Livestreamed Keynotes and Panels

Whilst SpaceGen Summit provides a special access to speakers and experts to its delegates, some of the sessions be also livestreamed for the general audience. Check below the open-for-all sessions, and make sure to share this opportunity with your friends and peers! Lockheed Martin Keynote Speech  Thursday, November 5th | 16:05 -16:55 PM [...]

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Member of the month for October 2020: SG[France]2020 Organizing Team

Continuing the amazing efforts various online events organizing teams have provided the network with, for October 2020, we are pleased to announce and congratulate The Organisational Team of SG[France]2020 - Our Giant Leap as Member of the Month!

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Competition Prizes

The 2nd Italian Space Startup Competition will offer fantastic opportunities to increase your experience within the Space Startup sector! Our sponsor D-Orbit offers an entrepreneurship coaching session with CEO Luca Rossettini as special prize. During the session, winning team members can benefit from getting advice and suggestions to bring further their business idea. D-Orbit also offers an internship, [...]


ISSC participants can count on the support of high-profile experts in the competition fields. This page is constantly updated with new entries in the Mentors team. Bianca Cefalo Bianca Cefalo is the Director of International Business Development at Atlanta-based Tech Startup Carbice Corporation.  Former Space Systems Thermal Product Manager at Airbus Defence and Space UK, where [...]

Call for SGAC IASC Asteroid Search Campaign 2020 (Find an Asteroid 2020)

Discover and name an asteroid! Form a team with 3 - 5 SGAC members and apply by November 5, 2020. The search campaign will take place November 9 - December 4, 2020. Scroll down to find out all details and how your team can participate. The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) are sponsoring a special asteroid search campaign during the month of November and December, which will run for 4 weeks from November 9th to December 4th, 2020. 

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Space Medicine and Life Sciences – An Insight from the United States

The past decade has brought us to the miniaturisation of electronic components. This has dramatically reduced the cost to make satellites and has allowed smaller nations and companies to engage in space-related services and research. However, space research and exploration cannot be without its biological components. This webinar series aims to bring the latest space biological knowledge to students and young professionals.

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Workshop Program

A high-level agenda for the AF-SGW 2020 is provided below. A detailed schedule will be made available to delegates. The following Schedule is tentative and maybe subject to change without prior notice Workshop Program          

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Member of the Month for September 2020: Yulia Akisheva

Yulia is part of Our Giant Leap, a new initiative at SGAC aiming to bring gender balance and foster inclusion in the aerospace sector. As part of the initiative, the team has organised the first post-pandemic face-to-face local event SG[France]2020.

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