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SGAC is looking for a Reports Co-Lead

SGAC is seeking volunteers to lead our Reports Team! Every year, SGAC hosts dozens of events, activities, and initiatives. The Reports Team is responsible for coordinating with events teams to produce outcome reports, collecting data on activities across the organisation, and producing an Annual Report that represents the work we do to members, sponsors, and the United Nations. 

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Join SGAC as Deputy Treasurer and Events & Scholarships Liaisons

SGAC is looking for three professionally qualified and motivated young volunteers to join our Finance Team in two new exciting positions: 1) Deputy Treasurer, 2) Events & Scholarships Liaisons. Under the direction and supervision of the SGAC Treasurer, these positions will be in charge of facilitating the financial soundness of SGAC, enabling the success of our events all over the world, undertaking finance and accounting related activities, and facilitating the issuance of impactful scholarships to bright young minds in need of support. Deadline for applications: March 31st, 23:59 Central European Summer Time (CEST).

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